Exercises for Flat Feet

This video presents a few of the best exercises to strengthen the intrinsic foot muscles (the muscles IN the feet) as well as the other lower leg muscles that support the arches of the foot. Please be aware that they are not all appropriate for all feet at all times, so please use caution and let pain be your guide.

The exercises performed generally fall into three categories as follows:

A. Light non-weightbearing activities
  1. Toe "creeps" pulling the foot ahead with the toes.
  2. Toe "split" big toe opposite of lesser four toes.
  3. Thereband supination and pronation - down&in, up&out.

B. Weight bearing foot strengthening
  1. Calf raises - mid range of motion using small elevation
  2. Nose Leans
  3. Heel walk - Toe walk

C. Global lower extremity strengthening with careful attention to alignment
  1. Squat variations
  2. Lunge variations
  3. Hip hinge (dead lift) variations

PLEASE NOTE that successful management of structural foot issues may warrant detailed attention to footwear as well as a off-the-shelf or custom orthotics.

Video here: