Midstate Man Files Countersuit In Medical Claim

HARRISBURG, PA – Harrisburg authorities have reported an incident involving a man who failed to heed the advice of his mother and physical therapist. He is being held on multiple counts of negligence and willful misconduct.

The man faces punitive damages that include stenosis, nerve root impingement, and other posture-related allegations. He is being held on 800 mg of anti-inflammatory drugs daily. Investigators suspect the mans computer chair and recliner as accomplices.

When contacted by our staff, the mans mother folded her arms and turned her head slowly side to side.

“This circumstance often occurs with repeat offenders,” said Bob Gorinski, physical therapist at First Choice Rehabilitation Specialists. “It takes time for the body to adapt to the demands or lack of demands placed upon it.”

It is suspected that most Americans fail to recognize the cumulative threat of poor posture. Look around you. Scientists have labeled this phenomenon "forward head posture." They believe there may be a correlation between forward head posture and sitting all day with your head forward.

In his defense, the mans lawyer went on the record to state, “he didn’t do anything,” which may be technically correct. He also said that the problem really wasn't his fault, and he intends to seek damages in a countersuit to be filed against gravity. When questioned by authorities, the man rolled his neck in circles and said "ya just need to work it out."

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