Supplements III: Introducing STRENGTHOGEN

[With such an overwhelming response to the writings on sports supplements, I've decided to introduce my very own line of performance enhancers! Well, not really, and not really. Read on.]

Do you want wildly radical results from sometimes lackluster effort? You can’t afford to compromise on sports nutrition. Fuel the machine, if you will.

Numerous studies have proven that post-workout nutrients are critical for recovery as well as enabling athletes to exercise at a higher intensity during subsequent workouts (1). More recently, researchers have defined the precise nutritional profile that’s optimal for refueling tired muscles (2**).

Introducing Strengthogen. This great tasting formula delivers 40 grams of Flexamoo, a powerful blend of quality whey and casein protein isolates, delivered with the precise carbohydrate complex recommended in clinical trials.

Each serving of Strengthogen provides highly bioavailable essential, non-essential, and sometimes non-essential amino acids - that's where you get the power. Strengthogen also contains electrolytes, monosaccharides for immediately refueling muscle glycogen, and complex carbs for sustained energy.

Strengthogen is made of all natural ingredients that have been rigorously tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (3). Strengthogen is sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee, all professional sports organizations, and your mom. Strengthogen is caffeine free, low fat, and even safe for children and (especially) pregnant and nursing women.

And don’t miss Strengthogen Light; all the taste and nutrients of Strengthogen with 30% less calories (4).

For cutting edge sports nutrition on-the-go, try super convenient and specially formulated Strengthogen Bars ( 5).


1. National Strength and Conditioning Association. Standards and Guidelines: Standard (9.1) Supplements, Ergogenic Aids, and Drugs

2. ** Barclay, L. Chocolate milk may improve recovery after exercise. International Journal of Sports Nutrition 16: 78-91, 2006.

3. Skim milk and chocolate syrup = IT'S CHOCOLATE MILK. The above study showed that chocolate milk was equally as good as high falutin "recovery drinks" for muscle recovery and function.

4. Strengthogen in a 30% smaller bottle.

5. PB&J cut into rectangles

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