T-ball Recap

It is finished. The six of us at the Gorinski home suddenly have about 6 to 9 more hours per week of time on our hands.

When you sign up, they don't tell you that you're looking at roughly 90 minute "games," with a half-hour in the car and an hour or more of getting ready beforehand or going to the park afterwards, plus snack and peeing issues.

So below is a quick season highlight video. Well, it's not really a highlight, but rather a few pictures thrown together. I missed a lot of the games and when I did make it, I usually had my hands full settling Goldfish cracker/Gator-Aid fights between Maggie and Ben, helping Owen get his costumes on and off, and trying to coach.

Now don't let the video fool you. T-ball is 99% slow going, and that's no exaggeration. Lessons are learned alright, by players, coaches, and parents alike. Those lessons have little to do with baseball. I reflected on a few of my own lessons at the beginning of this season right here.

These gals and girls are just little. Learning to get your body to do what your brain wants it to do takes at least 18 or 20 years. The helmets are still way too big. Amy and I laughed during a recent 5:30 game, looking out and seeing a dozen five and six year olds tired from the day, all of them taking every opportunity to lay down in the grass when they can and trying to put off a potty break by grabbing their peepers.

In conclusion, Tball is worth it IF the kid wants to play.

So here's something to hopefully remember the season by. Remember this is fun for me:

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