side effects

Thursday night, planning for the weekends leisure, I'm supposed to be looking up youtube videos on cabinetry or grilling meats or lawn mower maintenance or golf. But I'm studying this tutorial about side flips. 

Most of the day during work on Friday, while helping people restore their physical function, I have side flips on my mind.

After work and errands comes the weekly PlyoFriday workout. I'm late to my own back yard again, rush through it, left less powerful and more fatigued than usual. Two weeks ago I sprained my ankle in a half-hearted effort at one of these. So come hell or high water, today's the day I commit to at least one.

 Yes, my thinking is that ridiculous. And that's about what it takes for a middle aged man to accomplish  tomfoolery.


It's a part of what keeps me ticking.

What has been on your mind - to accomplish physically? It may not have been barrel roll flips. My mom and aunt competed in barrel racing at the Harrisburg's Farm Show Complex this past weekend.

But your something? The physical and mental side effects of that something truly are too numerous to mention. Plus, the side effects justify tomfoolery.

You need something.
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