fitness and faith weird dream

In the dream I carried Claire (my one year-old) in my left arm and led my wife and other kids through a set of tall heavy double doors.  We were eight minutes late for the 5:30 session or service or ceremony or whatever was about to begin. I was relieved that the greeters and associates had left their posts in the lobby. We were free to roam and observe.

We made our way forward and came to a great hall, at least 100 yards wide and so long that I couldn't even see the far wall ahead. A small sign on the left said Worlds Gym. One on the right simply said Church. I froze to watch for what seemed like a moment but was probably much longer. From what I could tell, people were readying for a ceremony to begin.

There was no official division or designation between the two halves of the great room. People were free to occupy either side, but most seemed to stay relatively put. The density was greatest near the far right and left walls, and gradually decreased to a fairly wide desolate strip extending down the middle of the room. Only a few people wandered over that carpeted fissure. Every now and then a person or entire family would march firmly and directly from one side to the other, but the middle was otherwise barren.

Next I watched the ceremonies, each side with their own rites and rituals, music and behaviors. There was much to behold. The typical attire of the left consisted mostly of lycra, bare skin, and performance gear. The more modest and attractive attire on the folks to the right was stuffy and confining. I saw a young man on the right become red in the face from tearing the inseam of his pants while bending over to reach for his rambunctious toddler. An attractive middle aged women on the left stepped on and off a scale four or five times.

Most people remained facing their near wall, having practically no interest in the events taking place in the other half of the room. Many cheered a leader or speaker preaching the way to good health, good fortune, and happy living. I heard each make mention of purpose and sanctification.

Bursts of shouting and excitement came from the more zealous members on each side. Some wiry teenagers on the left pumped their firsts and chest bumped. Apparently something good had happened, but I missed it. Whatever happened was done and over, and after the celebration they just stood there awkwardly. A young man on the right genuflected and knelt in silence in close proximity to a black woman dancing with both palms held high.

Only skeptics and curious wanderers peeked over a shoulder to see what was happening on the other side. A few brave souls wandering about the fissure gathered near the middle with their faces to the far unknown wall so as to keep watch on both left and right. That seemed like a reasonable place to start, so I walked slowly near them so as to eavesdrop on their conversation.

They we're having a debate of sorts, all appeared more humble than the zealots. One lady pointed out that the older members on the right seemed happy while those on the left seemed to be in drudgery. Someone else asked the question of each leaders motives.

Then one in the group noticed me lingering around eavesdropping. He turned to me in a somewhat dramatic fashion.

"Excuse me, may I help you?"

And then I woke up.

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