Effort trumps victory, and...

Kyle Wagner recently gave an outstanding facebook shout out. It was directed to a group of young men he recently worked with at GoWags and it particularly applies to the nature of baseball. But could not everyone in any walk of life use this reminder?

I want you to know how proud I am of your effort lately. You are truly starting to appreciate the value of hard work. Your performance will always have its ups and downs. That's life. But effort...effort never goes in a slump.

You have to understand that Kyle is a coach of coaches. He will not call a turd a golden nugget, so when he speaks it means something. So, wow. 

And you thought all this was just about baseball and training?

Many young men and women love sports. Few of them will obtain a scholarship or collect a paycheck for baseball. But sports have the potential to be a vehicle, a priceless over-sized tractor trailer packed with life application, for the majority of them.

Mom, dad, kids...don't just watch the game. Pay attention to the what and who and how of their surroundings.

You have to remember that even setting foot onto a playing field or gym is a huge step for anyone. So when I see adolescents and young men actually digging the hard work and not merely the victory, I'm completely impressed. 

Yes, effort definitely trumps victory. But there's more. The cool thing, the outstanding thing is that effort tends to lead to victory. 

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