repping out in circuits with twice your 1-rep max

I'm going to apologize up front for sounding like a chief here.

It's approximately 5 times per week that someone asks what I'm doing to stay in shape, what, how, or how often I train. My entries here often touch on different aspects of this. I strive to inform and inspire without being that trainer guy who thinks his is THE way and really just wants to show you his package. [Package in every sense of the word.] 

I do little personal training. The hardcore weightlifting and conditioning is more of a hobby that gets me through the days as an employee and otherwise responsible citizen. My day-to-day work grants some opportunity to train athletes, but the far majority of my time involves assisting people to where they can get on with their everyday life and work and training to be awesome.

Maybe they expect some grand secret, complex and cutting-edge. Most shrug and seem fairly disappointed when I say that I lift pretty hard twice per week with just a handful of the "big"moves.

So here is exactly what I did last Saturday. I began with some light warm-ups then 4 sets of this circuit:

Chin-ups with 125 extra lbs around my waist for 5 reps, to
"Lawn Mower" row with barbell loaded to 150 lbs for 5 reps on each side, to
Single arm clean to overhead press using 85 lb dumbbell, 5 reps each arm, to
Push up/row combo holding long plank position over 50 lb dumbbells, 5 reps each arm.

I finished up with a few sets of barbell shoulder presses before finishing the workout with a brutal set of squats (455 lbs X 20 reps).

I refrained from posting video footage, but I have it.The relevant points here are:

1. I've gradually built to handle awfully heavy resistance (for me) on total body movements.
2. It does not take a lot of time or equipment to be in shape or what-have-you.
3. Working hard at a few of the big moves that are suited for your body and goals are far more important than many other technical details that bog people down.
4. If there's anything special about my body or physiology or whatever, it's only that I show up consistently and (these days) do a decent job of allowing my body to adapt and recover.

Maybe I should take a different strategy the next time someone asks how I train. I'll strike a front double biceps (pose), lean in close and say "THE secret is this."

While you were screwing around with high tech machines and training schedule algorithms, exercise intensifiers and muscle confusion and changing it up every two weeks, I was repping out in circuits with twice your 1 rep max.

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