Supplements for sports performance

For some time I've been supplementing my diet with a post-workout whey protein recovery formula that includes both fast- and slow-digesting carbohydrates and protein isolytes high in the amino acid leucine. Check the results:

                                                                   62" Tuck Jump

A few months ago I walked into the local GNC (Cumberland Parkway in Mechanicsburg) to price protein powder and to do some field study for a writing time such as this.

"How can I help you today sir?" 

"Can (may) I get a price on a 2.2 lb container of whey protein powder?"

"Well, we carry...[ya-ta-ta-razzledazzle-yadayadayada]." 

"No thanks man, just straight protein." 

Mr. Push then offered me a host of vitamins and oils that support whey protein and proceeded to ask what I'm training for.

"Oh, you mean like, my training goals?"

At that point I decided to humor him. Kind of. I told him that I'd just like to gain weight, and also to lose weight. Without pause he turned to walk toward a corner of the store where they display five types of fat burners next to male enhancement formulas. He handed me a red and yellow labeled fat burner and some low caloric effervescent creatine.

I glossed over the fine print on a few of the labels. He stood there. I looked up and allowed for awkward silence. THAT was far too much to bear for either of us. So I jumped in and said something like this:

"I'm not so sure. What I really need is something that will just make me better at life."

He paused and smirked. He was FINALLY getting it. I think.

Back to the video, which hopefully serves as more than a showcase for showboating.

A 5'2" tuck jump? Yeah. That just happened.

It happened with no supplements outside of a sporadic scoop of whey protein powder that probably does very little other than make me think I'm "consuming" something good for me. Oh, yeah, and caffeine.

The GNC guy didn't ask if I've set specific training goals and what I may be doing in my work or other life that's pushing me toward or away from them. He didn't care about any physical impairments or my training history. There was no mention of exactly how I'm exercising, much less recovering. He didn't ask if I ate anything for breakfast. I once came across that idea and loved it:

What supplements should you be taking? Well, what did you eat for breakfast today? If you have no time to eat a decent breakfast, then you have no business asking about supplements. 

And this is honestly the best site for supplements EVER. It's evidence-based with nearly 20,000 citations and 0 marketing hype. The search format makes it super user friendly. And right here is a huge Debbie Downer where I go ahead and tell you that outside of caffeine/taurine and creatine, they ALL have a minimal effect. 

Seriously check this out:  http://examine.com/blog/weve-solved-supplement-confusion/

Sorry GNC guy.

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