Suns out - guns out

It's been one year since I underwent a major shoulder surgery for an injury suffered while bench pressing.

The stupid bench press. Just weeks before that injury I had made commentary on how bench pressing is over rated and though my "bench" was inching up on a supposed state record, I just didn't care. Yet I rehabbed, crushed my first Spartan Race mostly one-armed, and rehabbed some more. I managed to put together a few productive and injury free training cycles.

One year later I can close grip bench press 280 pounds for 6 reps. There's no 350+ for reps anymore but who cares? I can chin-up, row, dead lift, and overhead press more than before surgery. I can jump higher and possibly run faster than a year ago - at the age of 36. Yes I'm also a bit more achy but what do you expect? We all know where this ship is headed!

One year later I continue to write more about training and sports performance than rehab because that's what I enjoy and my blogger stats show that relatively few care to read about plantar fascia pain or holistic treatment of shin splints,

At Bonny Lane Club we have a pretty strict dress code. You train with your shirt on unless maybe killer bees or fire ants are actively attacking during the session. The guys and I sporadically joke about those who train like mad in the spring in order to look good in a swim suit. But at Bonny Lane Club, it's always swimsuit season. On my one year shoulder surgery anniversary, it was sunny and I was in the mood for showboating this 85 pound standing shoulder press. The bees and fire ants were miserable that day ; )

The shoulder is moving fine! And two days per week of total body work with basic gear is more than enough when you are consistent, willing to use some resistance, and respect recovery.

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