Physical Therapist Caught On Camera Neglecting Posture

Mechanicsburg, PA

Upper Allen Township police have recorded a local physical therapist failing to maintain good posture as he sat down to eat his lunch last week. Not only did the rehabilitation specialist have a forward head with protracted scapula, but it is alleged that his lumbar spine approached a slumped position and remained there for minutes.

The man was arraigned and taken into custody where he demanded a lumbar support, and he is seeking damages due to shoulder impingement suffered as a result of being placed into handcuffs. 

"This glenohumeral internal rotation is causing impingement of my rotator cuff" the man stated. When reached for commentary, he said that he would never again make the mistake of sitting down like a human being to relax.

The state of PA mandates that licensed physical therapists maintain a certain level of fitness and postural aptitude at all times, and that they make posture judgements and offer commentary regarding every nuance of your personal biomechanics. PTs are also required to ask others to perform specific movements and then keep telling them they're doing it wrong. 

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But in truth, physical therapy is not a "No Judgment Zone."

There truly is a reason why a physical therapist will hound you about the position of your body and your exercise technique, and it's not just to make ourselves feel important. You see, we are trying to get you to move differently; to learn and ingrain new movement patterns. We're trying to wake up and call in under utilized muscles while turning off the muscles on overkill. We're trying to stretch and loosen up the tight areas and stabilize the areas that need to be strong and stable.

We cannot "fix" arthritis. But could it be that if you move differently, you change the pattern of wear and tear, and add years to your quality of life? You may indeed need to be on guard about your posture for some time, because we want you to live a little.

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