Awesome is something you DO

Everyone can look awesome. That's just how it is with appearance.  Looking good has far more to do with confidence and a good camera person than with physical features.

Add a rain machine or some other creative bend to quality lighting and contrast, filter through thousands of images, and viola, you have a rock star. You ARE the rock star.

Now it's particularly interesting that the man behind these outstanding photos of everyday people repeatedly states how important it is to inspire confidence. He only guided his subjects to do things they are good at. He encouraged them and said they look great.

Confidence is undervalued. It doesn't come from a pill or keeping dietary rules, a certain body weight or percentage of body fat. It's the real treasure attached to effort. There are no shortcuts or confidence hacks. It comes with showing up win or lose, taking on challenges with an honest effort, and learning about yourself.

So do not worry about how you look, your sagging this or thin that. For everybody wants to be awesome and nobody is perfect. But instead focus on the process, the challenge, doing the right thing, the hard thing, on a regular and consistent basis.

Being awesome will always be simple to understand and hard to do.

Get your schedule and priorities in order. Learn how to lay a foundation of quality movement so that you don't hurt with every effort. Skip the diets and eat simple unprocessed foods 80% of the time. Do resistance training two to three days per week, and if you're relatively sedentary add 2 days of "cardio" or another physical activity. Get that un-assisted pull-up. Run 5K in under 20 minutes. Squat your bodyweight for 20 reps.

Keep at it for a while.

And by the time you can do something outstanding, something that took consistency and effort to achieve, you will have found gratitude for a sit on the ground and for the air in your lungs. You will own plenty enough confidence that you truly don't give a damn about your imperfect anatomy.

Holistic beauty...that's another thing.

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