Everything What's Wrong of My Foot

This caricature of things heard and witnessed in physical therapy was inspired by this. Most of these are not quotes, and no one person said all of this. But, they...were... 

Most physical therapists will get this. Others...maybe not.  

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The pain is the worst when I walk and it's most severe when I sit for too long.

And I don't want to keep taking Advil to just masquerade the pain.

And the doctor said there is some arthritis in there but he doesn't want to go in before I can't stand it.

And I'm using essential oils and some other nature rubs because that costs less than the gym.

And I didn't have time for my exercises so I laid on the heating pad.

And the doctor said it's the most arthritic joint he's ever seen [Heard approximately once per week].

Well that's hard to do and why are you having me do exercises that I can't do well?

And it just needs cracked and put back in alignment.

And it's just tight in there and needs to be stretched.

Because it sounds like rice crispies when I move it in circles.

And taking them as directed made me constipated so I don't need to sit on the toilet anyway.

And my meridians are blurred through that area, which manifests in sensitivity of the fourth toe.

It was waking me up in the night but now I'm doing better with not sleeping.

And I already had 56 visits at Drayer (physical therapy) and the foot feels about the same.

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