Ben 3:15

Okay here we go bragging on Ben again.

But there are lesson here that are not readily apparent to most people who want to get bigger-faster-stronger-awesomer and have it all in 6 weeks.

Last weekend Ben hit a pretty major goal, squatting 315 pounds...for twenty reps. TWENTY continuous reps! At a body weight of less than 170 lbs. You don't just roll out of bed one day and say, "I'm able to squat over 300 pounds twenty times, and I'm gunn do it."

Ben didn't start there. He started the journey about a year and a half ago with a stubbornly painful fractured spine with disc herniation, staring hard at a health care professional who instructed him to walk the dog but not run or do any type of strenuous activities.

Which I suspect meant no dead lifts. Or squats. Or flips of any variety.

Ben seeks and applies understanding. He regularly works brutally hard, suffers even, with his eye on the good that comes from it. He started with a little specific corrective exercise and low impact training. And then a little more.

There has been structured variation of training, but Ben has never complained about needing to "mix it up because I get bored." He's never worried about muscle confusion, or found excuses that raise barriers. He has focused his efforts instead of trying to achieve 3 or 4 incompatible fitness goals at the same time.

He's found a rhythm of hard work and recovery over a long term. And this is what you get.


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