top 8 exercises for physical therapy

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And so it's on! I've officially opened the doors to my new physical therapy office in Mechanicsburg, working with Brian and Steve.

There have been a few new clients. A half dozen or so from my previous workplace have hunted me down. I'm doing a lot of set-up and administrative this-n-that, but it's a much slower pace than I'm used to.

So with that in mind, I present to you the top 6 exercises for your local physical therapy office.

1. The Flex and Twist: Bend with your back, not with your legs. That's right, disengage your leg and core muscles. Just go ahead and hang on your lumbar discs and ligaments. This technique works especially well when moving large awkward objects in confined spaces.

2. Down Hill Sprints: Who says you're not fast? No other exercise provides immediate improvements in peak running velocity like down hill sprints.

I'm sure the PTs in Gloucestershirestownvillesburg fully endorse down hill sprinting.

3. Sprint Through the Woods: If downhill sprinting seems a little extreme or just doesn't tickle your fancy, then you should try sprinting through the woods. When I was young my father told me that's always a great idea. And this is no trail run. You want a fast and direct route through the rocky outcrops, the cragier, the better.

4. Rekindle that drive in any once loved physical activity. Cold days in March are the perfect time to stretch that routine single into a triple.

Now is the time to relive your BMX and skateboarding hay day. Take up ice skating, test your ski jump proficiency, or strive for your fastest time in the 26.2 mile run.

The bottom line is to go for it. Or else you're just scared.

5. Stay Put: If you're not really the active type, into moving your body and all that, you still have plenty of terrific options. If you can muster the courage, try prolonged sitting marathons. Those who easily get bored with the same workout routine can mix it by sitting in the car, the chair, and the couch.

Don't check your posture. Heaven forbid get up. In fact, don't even think about thinking about movement.

6. P Insa90 X: For those of you serious about your local PT office, do a prolonged and repetitive DVD series. For PT extreme benefit, go from a relatively inactive lifestyle to exercising 60+ minutes 6 days per week. Really, who has time to read over the precautions and pre-test instructions? 

7. Repeat It - Swing your hammer or golf club or tennis racket a few thousand times with one arm. Roll your head in large sweeping circles. Test the integrity of your achilles tendons and patellar ligaments with a few hundred jumps on concrete. Hold your arms up above shoulder level for as long as possible.

8. Impact - If you fail to get injured doing those things, then just go ahead and jump as high as you can and land on your knees or tailbone. Run into the wall. Repeat.

What are your favorite exercises for physical therapy?

Office is open at 8 a.m.

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