plyometric workout at home

Our PlyoFridays look something like this:

We start with either 6 to 10 sprints or bounding with jumping over things.

We move on to single leg hops forward and lateral, about 6 sets of 10 uphill hops on each leg. The graded surface is critical for these.

Then we move to some sort of circuit involving box jumps. The one we call Monster Plyo Circuit involves all this with no rest:

-3 lateral jumps left and 3 right
-1 box jump with single leg landing left and one right
-3 single leg lateral jumps left and right on each leg
-1 high vertical and take off into a ~50 yard sprint
-Rest well and repeat 6 to 10 times.
It's a good workout with a purpose.

It's fun.

And it sounds so much better than PlyoThursday.

**Plyos are awesome and inherently dangerous in regards to strain on the back and knees and feet. You need to have a certain level of base line fitness and be systematic in progressing the degree and repetition of impacts your body is accustomed to.

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