just quit wearing shoes?

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There's a young man from Baltimore, a friend of a friend, who rarely wears shoes. He apparently wears them only in the workplace, but removes them once he steps outside. I haven't met him, but I've asked the standard questions.

No shoes. What an odd, counter cultural, romantic, (dare I say healthy) idea. Ah, to tread so lightly. To gain new perception and heightened awareness of our environment.

And he will be more mindful of his environment and his part in it. As he ages, I'm certain he'll gain less weight and lose less of his sense of balance than the average American. I'm sure he'll naturally retain appropriate function of the muscles and joints of the foot and lower leg. He'll be unlikely to suffer fasciitis, tendinitis, and structural abnormalities. And he will absolutely step in something gross and say, "Ewww." 

All this, if... If he can pull it off, keep bucking the shoe conspiracy, not buying into the system.

And it IS a conspiracy. There certainly is a price for the many years that most of us have protected coddled our feet. Senseless fashion mangles anatomy. Technology creates frailty, enables sloppiness in our everyday movements. Women, modern, intelligent women, cram their feet into little girl structures as if there's some character judgment associated with having normal sized feet.

But our feet and our minds have been trained to want need shoes. Shoes can be a life-saver for people with abnormal foot structure or diabetes or unwillingness, from a fairly early age, to let go of the idea of footwear.

Plus, you have to admit that shoes are plain cool.

So what are you going to do, just quit wearing shoes?

It can't be easy. Casual acquaintances calling you The No Shoes Guy. Constantly fielding questions as The No Shoes Guy. Sidewalks in the November rain where strangers do double-takes at your feet. I'm just not buying that feet get accustomed to cold slushy sidewalks. Or double-takes.

What, you're serious?

Cool. You're young, with good foot structure, confident, and a little crazy. Very cool. Not that you needed my permission, but I say go for it, No Shoes Guy!

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  1. I am shoe-bipolar. I love going barefoot, do so whenever I "can" (though this post has me rethinking when I can....).

    But those new peep-toed pumps are soooooooooooooo cute!