A few hours with Mike Robertson

Yesterday I had the privilege of getting to know Mike Robertson. We spoke on various topics of performance training and rehabilitation as I observed him apply his process of athlete assessments.

He had me at the "PR Bell."

Mounted on the wall was a brass bell beneath a small plaque reading "PR Bell."

Mike Robertson is one of the top trainers in the US working in one of the top 10 gyms in the US. He is kind and his methods are simple and effective. His communication skills are world-class. His training facility has everything you need and no more. I love it - the number of exercise and entertainment contraptions and machinery that I did not see at his modest sized gym.

It's no secret that Mike is a huge advocate of the methods created by the Postural Restoration Institute. I've not pursued formal training in PRI, and I'm still not sure that I need to. We discussed how his skill set is overlapping in some areas and complimentary in other areas as compared to more traditional rehabilitation providers.

But Mike is obviously doing something VERY right. Chief among the many areas he excels is in helping the athlete to understand how the low intensity, unexciting corrective type work relates to the more glamorous hardcore training and performance qualities that everyone seeks. And then...imagine this! ...He provides a method and facility to do both in a comprehensive program.


We got this!

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