Our Newest Team Member

[Cue the THIS SONG. Seriously, go listen for the full effect.

[Oh, you're back. Thanks. Okay then.]

- - - - -

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the latest addition to First Choice Rehab in Bowmansdale.

Coming out of some metal shop in Mechanicsburg, standing zero feet, four inches tall, playing "guard,"...


[cheers and applause]

Marv Albert: Just listen to the roar of the welcoming crowd.

Steve Kerr: Yeah Marv, big things are expected from the little guy. Door Spring Tensioner Device is expected to pay a pivotal role this season and beyond.

M.A.: Well the team was sorely lacking in the of area of people physically getting IN to physical therapy.

S.K.: Yeah, I mean, c'mon. It's supposed to be rehab, with little old ladies and such straggling toward the clinic, fumbling with crutches and walkers and purses and MRI films, and then you have to battle this two-ton steel behemoth.

M.A.: That's right Steve, and that's before you get a chance to get better.

Both: Ha ha...

S.K.: Can we get an image of the team in action prior to the acquisition of Spring Tensioner Device? Marv, just how hard was it to get into that clinic?

S.K.: But no more, Steve! Look at the team chemistry, clicking on all cylinders.

M.A.: Sure is, and look here at Debbie Valdez opening the door with just one of her fifth metacarpals.

S.K.: Yeah just call it a pinky Merv.

S.K.: We'll have to watch out for First Choice as a prime contender in the playoffs.

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