I don't have time to exercise

Are you overwhelmed by health and fitness information overload? Do those images of perspiring fit people beside a motivational quote actually help you? Or are they a shameful reminder of the fact that you're not in "the best shape of your life?"

There is one obvious point that many trainers, coaches, and others inside the fitness community fail to consider. You can't have it all.

The superfit guy or girl in the motivational image has a down-side. I can tell you with complete confidence why the vast majority of us fail to live up to our health and fitness potential.

First, the cold hard truth:

We fail to live up to our best because we simply don't want it enough. Or at one point in time we made a decision or were forced to neglect our own health. Some of the damage from years of living in this mode may be irreversible. Putting your own well being aside may indeed have been the more noble, selfless decision. But it was a decision nonetheless. And now you earn the wages of that decision.

If you truly want a more healthy and fit version of you, something of your everyday existence probably has to go. The blood-sweat-and-tears of exercise and healthy eating are easy compared to this process of cutting.

There's a reason for everything that we do. We find some kind of value in even the most useless, brain numbing activities that we return to. Even playing Candy Crush or watching Fail Army (I STUDY the Fail Army) offers some kind of value.

[Outside of Fail Army, I recommend time praying or being still outdoors, for all that's worth.]

Many neglect their own health for the sake of family and work demands. While there are certainly seasons when this may be legitimate, the spotless and organized house, the chronically quadrupled work schedule, and the must-see TV shows (or sporting events) are no excuse.  Surely you realize that serving your family and workplace well over the long haul will require you to be mentally and physically capable over the long haul.

Next, a gentler, equally important truth:

After facing the fact that while we may want to be the most healthy, fit version of ourselves, we don't want it more than other things. And quite honestly, maybe that's just fine.

You value taking extra time as a nurturing and available mother over taking extra time to look spectacular. You want to spend time developing your business. You'll get into a formal exercise program after finishing off the house projects. These are fine so long as you're active and health is intact.

On the brighter side, the road to accomplishment is wide. It isn't so much this precise nutrition plan or that specific workout routine that makes someone finally get their well being and fitness in order. It was the person being committed to rearranging what is important to them. A committed person who wants it will do what it takes to find the right training methods, coaching, and accountability, and they'll see results on just about ANY training and diet.

Identify what is most important in your life. Hint: your health should be absolutely is one of those things. If your employment involves written or oral communication or really any creative work, you should find out what your brain can accomplish on exercise!

Proactively create some space for your physical and mental health. Don't try to have it all.
And the guy or girl in the motivational poster with the chiseled physique? Find what good you can in it, knowing there are worse things than a soft midsection.

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