more than a PR

Last Friday I set a tuck jump personal record.

[A tuck jump is jumping off two legs over or onto something and landing on two legs.]

Here's a shot of me posing like people do with their trophy "buck," Grammy award, hole-in-one, or what have you.

After one failed attempt I put on the PR shirt and easily cleared 5 feet, 4 inches. Last year I barely made 5'2" after many fails. To celebrate this achievement, I'm NOT creating a top ten list of things that I can jump over ; )

I was pretty excited about this. It's not like I'm 18 or even 28. It would be a lie to say that my knees never ache. I sleep too little and have plenty of responsibility. I've missed more than a few precious training days over the summer. But over all I've been feeling great.

[The weekly schedule of two weight training days plus one sprint/plyometric day where I devise elaborate and ultra high-tech top secret training methods as outlined here is more than I can afford.]

If I can jump the stick, I don't feel the need to run a marathon or even a 5K. I have something to look forward to, train towards, and gauge. When I can jump the stick, I bring energy and enthusiasm to work and to the party. There's no need for concern over weight or triglycerides. I don't even need to spend hours driving and hours more to ski or seek thrills on the beloved mountain bike.

My wife says of the PR, "That's great but don't tie your identity to it." She knows that it's my passion and hobby to FUNCTION to my best ability and help others do the same. And she's right. Why did it never occur to me that strength, speed, endurance, or a big dead lift is something you own? Doesn't it make sense that taking heed be applied to physical attributes? Especially to physical attributes?

Of course the ship is going to sink! It will be relatively soon, when you think about it. For sure. Definitely. Like, not even a chance of continuous improvement. Most people seem to understand this and move on while others always want to improve. Everyone wants to look good. But quite honestly, I'm in it to DO stuff.

And so that's how your arrive at the place where you need to be told not to tie your identity to jumping over a stick in your front yard.
... ... ...

My hope is that helping others to their new heights will be enough for me. That arthritis will one day render me brittle but not helpless. That the friendships forged along the way will carry us through.

That I'll use my limited time, interests, and abilities wisely to bless others however I'm able.

Oh how I love seeing you improve your PR. This sounds rather ridiculous in writing, but the people who work and train with me (I think) know this. Now there's something I can tie my identity to! 

Everything we own and achieve truly is like chasing after the wind. Some of our pursuits will be more meaningful or last longer than others. But everyone needs more than a PR.

"Take heed, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” 
     -Luke 12:15

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