The BEST core exercise to WOW your lady

Guys - if you REALLY want to make in impression on your lady, you're going to have to dig deep and push beyond your comfort zone. Here it is, THE exercise machine that will give you a core to make her swoon.

Feel the burn...

Apply to floor, 3 sets of 30 to 90 reps should get you results.
In all seriousness, I could write at length regarding the fact that an intense vacuum session burns far more calories and demands more of the core muscles than the typical gimmicky crunch and twist machine. I could go on about our misguided notion that extensive fitness equipment is required to get healthy or have sharp abs (it is not). It would be fun to explain how the ab machines and other various exercise gadgets are unnecessary at best and may possibly be hindering your progress.

But this post is not about that.

This is about her; your wife, girlfriend, significant other, what-have-you. If you truly want to get her attention, think less about your abs, biceps, and really anything that has to do with you. Concern yourself with serving her well.

[This is assuming you pass the low mark for basic hygiene and slobbishness. She definitely appreciates your health and your appearance!]


I'll concede that a firm mid-section may get a females attention for a while. But other things can do that. Not even sharp abs atone for a self absorbed fitness bro. Sooner or later, what you do with your body will reveal the truth.

I personally don't believe that a person can will themselves into transforming who they are. A well balanced, selfless (and fun!) man of integrity is the core of what others are attracted to. That, my brothers, requires infinitely more fortitude than your (typical) Team Hercules Chest Workout. And that is what we have been after all along.

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